About Me

Hi there, I’m glad you’re here! Welcome to my little corner of the blog world.  I’m Emma, creator here at CardstockQueen.  I started doing this as an outlet when I couldn’t do theatre due to injuries that were back to back to back to back, etc. and I needed some sort of creative outlet and since I couldn’t perform or design or direct like I wanted to, I started to fall back on what I knew from when I was a child.  Two of those things were jewelry making and cardmaking, I tried making jewelry again and just didn’t feel any love for it.  There was no spark, no joy.  So I tried my hand again at cardmaking, starting at the most basic place you can imagine and watching YouTube Videos.  Namely Jennifer McGuire Ink and Kristina Werner of K Werner Design and as the years have gone by, all of this started back around the end of August 2016, I have learned and honed and tried so many different things.  I have found things I like, things I love, and things that aren’t quite my thing. Most of all I have found a happy place.  I have a craft room where I live, and I spend 95% of my time there because I find it to be very calming, especially after doing something for an extended period of time with more than, say, five people.  It has become my place to recharge my batteries, a place to host friends and family, and a place to be with my “fur-son” Henry.  I love having different ways of being creative, especially when those creative forms coincide and one can help the other.  I have always believed that creativity will set you free, and I believe it has helped me in so many ways.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to chatting with you soon!
Emma- CardstockQueen