Meet the Maker of CardstockQueen

Hello! I don’t usually show my face on this blog (Canvas of a Face, my other blog, is another story😊) but I figured with this being a ‘Meet the Maker’ post, I thought I should. I started cardmaking in 2017 when I had broken my leg and couldn’t do much. I found Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner and they showed me the wonderful world of cardmaking. I started making cards and I haven’t stopped. Below are some of my very first cards.

From left to right are my first shaker card (where I used micro glitter- big mistake), a thank you card where I didn’t know about “proper” sequin or gem placement, a fairy card I made using my first cover gift from Cardmaking and Papercraft, and one of my first cards using one of my favorite Gorjuss Girl stamps. I learned a lot by making these cards such as, don’t use micro glitter in a shaker card. That turns bad very quickly and explodes all over the recipient… Whoops. These cards, I was still using pre-made card bases, I hadn’t learned how to make my own yet. In those first few years, I learned so much from YouTube, from classes, from general experience.

Then I started to learn how to color, like, really color. This was my first attempt with watercolors. Luckily I have gotten better since then. I also love to use colored pencils, Prismacolor Premiers are my pencil of choice right now. I also use watercolor pencils when I can get my hands onto some good ones. Coloring not only adds to a card but I also find it very therapeutic. I started with the basics and worked my way up from there, always start at the ground floor. I also love to color in adult coloring books. I find it very relaxing. It also improves my coloring skills, practicing in coloring books. It makes the coloring on my cards better.

These are some of my most recent cards, ones I haven’t posted here. One of my favorite cardmaking techniques is heat embossing. I love it. I’ve gotten much better at shading and coloring in general. Especially since those early days. It has been three years since I started making cards and I’m not slowing down now. I love making cards, and I hope I can convince you to give it a try too. There is still so much to learn and try out, though. I am excited to see what will happen next because things are always changing.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into what cardmaking has done for me and my life. If you want to see more posts about cards, feel free to follow this blog before clicking out and if you want to see what I create and don’t share here, be sure to check out my Instagram linked down below. I hope to see you back soon but until next time, keep creating! XO Emma


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