Gamsol vs. Colorless Blender

Hello my crafty friends, and welcome back or if you’re new- hello! Today I wanted to do a comparison of Gamsol blending solution versus the Prismacolor Colorless Blender pencil. I just received the colorless blender after having used Gamsol for years. I initially picked up the colorless blender so I could blend colors more easily in my coloring books because I was afraid the Gamsol would ruin the pages. I did three different color combinations, let’s check it out!

I did all of the swatching and blending on a scrap piece of Strathmore Bristol paper. I started with two colors that are quite different. I used PC 1038 (bright pink) and PC 916 (bright yellow). I scribbled the colors next to each other but not touching. I had one row for Gamsol and one row for the Colorless Blender. The Gamsol side blended the colors nicely but it made both colors look orange, which usually isn’t what I’m looking for. The Colorless Blender side has more definition between the two colors. The blender allowed them to fade into one another without losing the original colors.

The second set of colors I used were PC 109 (green) and PC 905 (aquamarine). I wanted to see what they would look like when the colors are closer together on the spectrum. This time, I prefered the Gamsol side. This time, the colors didn’t morph into a different color, you could still tell where the blue was and where the green was. The blender side again had a very stark contrast with very little blending.

The last colors I used were both in the green family so I could show you what each looks like when you’re just trying to do some shading. I used PC 911 and PC 908. With this combination, both blenders worked pretty much the same. The only real distinct difference is that the Gamsol side is much smoother than side with the Colorless Blender.

All in all, both blenders are going to be useful but for different situations. If I want the color to change then I would use the Gamsol when blending two very different colors but if I wanted a bit of blending together but no change in color I would use the Prismacolor Colorless Blender. They are both good for shading. With the Colorless Blender you can still see the texture of the paper but with the Gamsol it not only blends but it smooths the color down as well.

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