Arteza TwiMarkers Review

I love coloring but for the longest time I didn’t like to use markers until I tried the TwiMarkers by Arteza. I also didn’t like to color mandalas and patterns until I came across these markers. I have the 48 set but they have a larger 100 count set available as well. You can purchase the markers on the Arteza site and on Amazon. The markers themselves are dual tipped. One end is a brush like soft nib while the other end is a fine tip. I only really use the brush end, the little tip would take forever to color nine tenths of the images I color with the markers. The colors are very bright which you can see below:

Right after I got my 48 set for Christmas, I took my Jade Summer swatch book and swatched all of the colors. I did this because sometimes the color that came out did not match the color on the pen exactly. When I use my markers I always refer to this page first, that way I’m sure to get the color I want. I haven’t had much trouble with bleeding either because they are water based markers. Because they are water based, you have to be careful about how many times you go over a spot because the paper will start to pill. The markers are very juicy so you need very little pressure to get a good color pay off. The colors are very vibrant as you can see above and even in the 48 set the selection of colors is really nice. Here is a page I finished where I mainly used the markers and a piece that is still in production:

There you have it, my two cents on the new(er) Arteza TwiMarkers. I really enjoy them, if you can’t tell, haha. They are a great product to have in your coloring arsenal. All of the products I’ve tried from Arteza I have enjoyed. Thank you so much for stopping by and joining me today, I hope you enjoyed today’s post and found it helpful. If you did I would love it if you would follow and subscribe here and on Instagram (@ cardstockqueen and @ colorwithemma). I post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11AM PST, I hope to see you back soon! Until then, keep creating!

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