Best Watercolor Palette for Beginners

Hello my crafty friends, welcome back! Today I wanted to share with you what I think is the best watercolor palette for when you’re just starting out. Now, I’m not talking about Crayola brand or Michael’s brand but a brand you can get from Simon Says Stamp. I found starting with a nicer palette made me want to watercolor more where with the other ones I got frustrated and would give up. I will link to the palette and the brushes I like to use, they are not affiliate codes so I make nothing if you use them. I just provide them for ease of shopping.

The palette that I’m talking about is the Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 color set. This is the 36 pan set but they now have a larger 48 color set. As you can see, this palette has been very well loved. Some of them I’m going to have to replace sooner rather than later because I use them so much. The pans pop out and you can replace them with the individual pans that you can get on Jet Pens or on Simon Says Stamp. To really get these paints to work best, you add water to the pan then swirl it around. This activates it and makes it easier to pick up more pigment. They are vibrant for what they are meaning they’re not the most vibrant I own but they’re not the dullest either- they’re right in the middle. I really love using this watercolor set to do color blends and washes for backgrounds. This 36 set comes with a pearl white, bronze, and gold in addition to normal flat colors. I like that there is a swatching area on the inside of the lid in the order that they’re in in the box. You definitely get more pigmented colors than with, say, Crayola or Michael’s brand. Even though it costs a bit more, I believe it is an investment that is worth it to see if you like using watercolors.

There you go! Short and sweet. I hope this post helped you and gave you some ideas as to where to start with your watercolor journey. This was my first palette and I haven’t looked back. While I’ve moved on to different forms and better paints, I still love this palette because it is so versatile. If you enjoyed today’s post, please consider subscribing/following so you will be notified every time I post on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Have a great day and keep creating! XOXO

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