My Favorite Alcohol Ink Combinations

Hello my beautiful crafty friends! I’ve been working on cards left and right recently and have been using a lot of alcohol ink. Because of that, I have come to have three different color combinations that I really like to use. Today I wanted to share those combinations with you, and maybe you could share some of your favorite combinations with me! I love trying new combos. Keep reading to see my favorites, and if you like what you read please consider following/ subscribing here and on Instagram- I love bringing you content that you love.

The first thing I do before putting my alcohol ink onto the Yupo paper is to pour some of my Alcohol Blending Solution onto the paper. I have found that this makes for a more seamless blend and that the colors move more freely. It does take up a lot solution but I really think it is worth it. I learned this trick from a YouTuber but it was so long ago that I can’t remember who I learned it from!

The first alcohol ink combination I love is a rather new one because I just got one of the colors this month. I like to combine Turquoise (my favorite), Aqua, and Patina (the newest). Light blue, dark blue, and a mid tone blue green- they work together wonderfully as you can see in the example above. You can also see what I’m talking about with the Alcohol Ink Blending Solution. The colors blend and mix so well when I do that prior step that I hate it when I forget to do it. These colors make a great water color, too.

The next combination I really love is one that is great for sunsets, fire, anything really. It’s a combination of Watermelon, Valencia, and Dandelion. I do have to be careful with the Valencia and Watermelon because they are very close in color so it can be little difficult to see them as two different colors. This combination is so bright and cheery, I love how the yellow blends with the other two colors so seamlessly.

The final combination I love to use is Shell Pink, Pink Sherbert, and Wild Plum. These are all in the same general color family so they go together really nicely. I go from lightest to darkest when putting them onto the paper and once I have the first layer down I go back with the lightest and add it to spots where I want to break up the color so it isn’t as dark.

When I do alcohol ink backgrounds I don’t squeeze the bottle to get the color to come out. Instead a shake it like a pepper shaker which gives a more random spread of color. You have to be careful about what is around the immediate area of where you are working so you don’t ruin anything if it shoots off too far. I just discovered this technique and I love it way more than squeezing the bottle as you go around the paper. I just love the look of it.

There you go! These are my favorite combinations, which one do you like best? All of these combinations can work for a lot of different cards which is why I love them so much. Most recently I’ve used them to make ‘Thank You’ cards for my dad to use. Easy and not super specific so they can work for any person or group of persons. Do you have a combo you love to use? Please share it down below! Don’t forget to be creative everyday! XOXO

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  1. First, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Next, thanks for the great tip using alcohol inks! I never thought to put the blending solution down first!! I think my favorite is the last one!

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