How To: Resin Coaster

Hello again my crafty friends and welcome back or, hi, if you’re new! Today I’ve taken a slight detour from our usually scheduled card making programming to bring you something new that I’m in love with, making resin coasters! I had been dying to try my hand at making resin pieces for over a year and finally got to try it when my neighbor kindly gifted me a resin/hardener set! I’m going to walk you through my process of how I create my resin coasters (and other pieces). Let’s jump right in!!

First get your products ready: your resin, hardener, at least two stirring sticks, silicone measuring cups, mold, and alcohol inks. Then you are going to pour equal parts of resin/epoxy and hardener into one of the silicone measuring cups. For the brand I have, you stir it for two minutes and then you pour it your second silicone cup and then stir for one more minute. It’s best to stir in one direction because that decreases the amount of bubbles in your mixture. I will show you how to get rid of those in a little bit.

Next you are going to pour your resin mixture into your mold. I like to do two separate pours so I can get as many bubbles out as possible. I pour about half of the mixture in then I take my heat gun (by Wagner) and aim it at the mixture and it helps to pop the air bubbles left in the mixture. I then pour the rest in and repeat the process. Don’t worry about it drying your mixture, you don’t hold your heat gun on the product for that long.

I had picked out my alcohol ink colors ahead of time going with a bright green, light pink, mid toned blue, and a blue green color. To do this technique you HAVE to have white alcohol ink. I use the Pinata brand that you can get on Amazon. You can get a large bottle of the white alcohol ink for a few bucks on Amazon. Pick your first color and add some drops to your mixture then quickly add the white right on top of where you dropped the alcohol ink. Repeat this step with all of your colors and layer them up as you wish. This is the best time to experiment with colors because you never know what will happen.

If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you know how much I love glitter. I pick out a glitter in a color that goes with what I’ve just dropped in with the alcohol inks. Take pinches of the glitter and sprinkle it on top of your piece. From my experience Some of it sinks to the other side while some stays on the open part of the coaster in the mold.

The top picture is what the other side looks like, the petri dish effect. I like this as the top of my coaster and the bottom picture is the bottom of the coaster but you can pick whichever side you want to be the top and bottom. The white alcohol ink pushes the alcohol inks down creating the look of a petri dish. I love making these coasters. I let mine set over night and it’s usually ready to pop by noon the next day depending on how late I made it. You can even see the glitter!

What do you think? Think this is something you want to try? I say go for it! I learned from YouTube videos and trial and error. Make sure to use disposable measuring cups or silicone ones because cleaning this stuff up is a real pain but if it’s in a silicone measuring cup you can just wait for it to dry and then just pop out whatever settled to the bottom and stuck to the sides. This makes my life, and yours if you try it, so much easier. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you try it, let me know! I’d love to know how yours went! Don’t forget, be creative every day! XOXO

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