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Hello my crafty friends and welcome back! Being a cardmaker and a colorist, I have a lot of coloring mediums. Today I wanted to share with you my current holy grails and favorites when it comes to coloring. I will try to link to every product so if you want to check it out, all you have to do is click! None of these links are affiliate links so I make nothing if you click and purchase from them, I just provide them for your ease (and maybe to enable you 😋). I hope you enjoy today’s post, so let’s jump in!

First up is the medium I use the most, colored pencils. This is the Prismacolor Premier 150 colored pencil set. This was my first ‘high end’ coloring purchase and I haven’t looked back since. They are ridiculously soft so getting a good color pay off is really easy. They come stacked in a cardboard box so I bought a pencil case to hold all of them and most of the extras I have. I have them sorted by rainbow color to make it easier on myself. They do break easily, especially if you press too hard. Some people have had problems with them being broken in the barrel or the barrel splitting but I have yet to have this problem. I’m currently looking at some new sets but this will always be one that I go back to no matter how many colored pencil sets I have.

Up next are my Arteza products. I have the Arteza 96 count Real Brush Pens Set as well as the Arteza 48 count TwiMarkers set. I have had the Real Brush Pens for about two years now, I started with the 48 set. When they came out with the 96 set, I knew I couldn’t miss it because this is next in line after the Prismacolor Pencils in order of my favorite. They really make watercoloring easy and beautiful. I add a bit of color to my image and then pull it out with my water brush which is also by Arteza. They are highly pigmented and activate with water beautifully. They are easy to work with and if you make a small mistake, you can add a little bit of water to the mistake and blot a lot of it up. The TwiMarkers are the newest edition to my Arteza family. I don’t know if I will use them to make cards, but I’ve discovered I really like using them when I color mandalas that are just flowers or shapes. They have two ends, one is a fine tip nib and the other is a brush like tip. It doesn’t have the individual hairs like the Real Brush Pens which makes it easier to work with in my coloring books. I can imagine that both of these would be great for calligraphy because you can use lighter or harder pressure and get different looks.

I have a fair amount of watercolors, but my favorite palette is my Mijello Mission Gold 36 Watercolor Set. I bought this set as my ‘Yay you survived another spring musical’ gift to myself two years ago. It comes with 36 tubed watercolors and you get a palette so I just put the watercolors in the wells in, what else, rainbow order. They are creamy, super pigmented, and mix well with other colors to make new colors. The color that you put down is pretty much the color you get once it’s dried back. The other set I love are the Gansai Tambi Starry Colors watercolors. This is a six pan palette that comes with all different shades of gold. My favorite to use is the Red Gold, I like how rich it looks when laid down. They golds are very rich but you need to add some water and mix it around first to get the color to really activate. This doesn’t bother me so I don’t mind doing it. They are very thick compared to other watercolors which makes them great for big spaces or backgrounds.

That’s it folks! Those are my favorite coloring mediums to use. What do you love using? If you like what you see, please consider subscribing/following me on here and on Instagram and Facebook it would mean a lot. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time. Always be creative! XOXO

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  1. Hi, Emma! You have some of my ‘dream’ watercolors! I am excited to play with my new Daniel Smith Essentials watercolors. It will be fun to set up my first watercolor palette! I have been enjoying Derwent Watercolor Pencils for a few years. When I make cards, I often use Distress Inks as watercolors. We are Prismacolor kindred spirits! I’m looking forward to more inspiration as I read your posts! 💗

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