My Favorite Craft Goodies: Adhesives

Hello there my crafty friends and welcome to the final installment in my ‘Favorite Craft Goodies’ series. Today we’re ending with one of our most basic crafting tools- adhesive. Without adhesive, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love to do. I have two types of adhesives I’m going to be sharing with you, dry and wet adhesives along with a tool that has made using liquid glue so much easier. I will link to everything I can. None of the links are affiliate links so I make absolutely nothing if you purchase anything from that link.

Hands down my favorite dry adhesive is Scor Tape. I get mine from Amazon in three sizes: 1/2″, 1/4″, and 1/8″. This leaves me open to a good amount of possibilities when I need to adhere something and don’t want to use liquid glue. This is some of the strongest tape I have ever used. Once it’s down it will not come back up. I have torn my fair share of backgrounds and cards because I laid it down wrong and tried to move it. Boy did I regret that but then I learned. They have larger sizes of Scor Tape as well but I don’t find them conducive to cardmaking.

The two liquid glues I absolutely cannot be without are Ranger Multi Medium Matte and Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue. The Tombow is a newer addition to my stash but it has already proved to be a very valuable addition. I have the XL size which comes with a narrow tip and a wide tip on opposite ends of the glue bottle. You get 1.76 oz of product in the Tombow Mono Multi XL glue and in the Multi Medium Matte you get 0.5 oz of product. I put a needle nose tip onto the Ranger bottle to make it perfect for small pieces. Its also pretty thick so it doesn’t run everywhere when I’m trying to use it. Now, those two rainbow things on either side of the picture have become something I can’t live without. It’s from an Etsy seller named MakeItbyMarko and those are their Large Tier Glue Holders. They hold your bottle in an upside down position so that the glue is already flowing to the tip when you go to use it. I am so glad that I bought two when I did, they’re absolutely wonderful!

Thank you so much for following along with this crafty journey of my favorite craft goodies, I hope you have found some valuable information or maybe some new things to play with! I am hoping to do this every year around the end of the year so keep your eye out for December 2020! Until then please come back and join me for step by step cards, featured cards, product reviews, and much more! Please subscribe/ follow my blog for all of that and more. Thank you and now, go be creative! XOXO

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