My Favorite Craft Goodies: Paper

One thing a crafter really loves isn’t ink or stamps, even though those are very near the top, it’s PAPER! We wouldn’t be able to work without having the paper that we have and for today’s post I wanted to share some of my most basic favorites along with some specialty paper. I will link to where you can purchase whatever paper I talk about. Don’t worry, they’re not affiliate links and I make nothing off of you clicking or buying from them. Their only purpose is to make it easier for you to find the products I’m talking about. Let’s jump in!

The two core papers I use everyday and can’t live without are by Neenah. The first is Neenah’s 110lb Classic Crest white cardstock. I purchase this paper in a ream, 250 pages, because I go through it so quickly. Since it is a ream, it’s a bit pricey coming in at $51.99 on Amazon. The second paper I get is also by Neenah and is her Desert Storm 100lb cardstock. Again, I get this from Amazon in ream for $51. There are other 110lb and 100lb cardstocks you can find online but they aren’t as heavy or as sturdy, you have to look at the GSM to determine if it will work. I cut each paper in half and use them to make my card bases but the white can also be used for Copic coloring. I don’t own many Copics yet so I can’t vouch for myself but I see people do it all the time on YouTube.

For things like watercoloring paper and coloring paper, I love the Strathmore brand. I buy their Bristol Smooth from either Amazon or Michaels (Amazon usually has the better deal, honestly). For the Bristol I am currently using the 300 Series but there are packs at the 400 and 500 levels too. My favorite watercolor paper is the Ready Cut Watercolor Hot Press paper in the 500 series. There are 25 sheets in a pack and I get them from Amazon, too. I usually buy them two to three at a time so I won’t run out. I get the hot press because it’s not as textured and is pretty smooth compared to their normal Cold Press paper. The final Strathmore paper I use is actually pretty new to me, it’s their Colored Pencil paper. I saw it talked about on YouTube and I found it on Amazon, ring bound, and in the 400 Series level. You get 30 sheets in the notebook. I like it but I’m still learning it’s ins and outs so I will keep you updated on that.

These are my favorite specialty papers and I get all of them from Unfortunately the Tonic Black Glitter paper shown here is no longer available. I’m sure Simon Says Stamp has a comparable alternative. I’ve linked here to the Simon Says Stamp black glitter paper which their glitter paper is honestly some of my favorite. The next three papers are from the Tonic Brand. First is the Tonic Chrome Silver Mirror Card. I have a thing for mirror card as you will find out. This came in a pack of 5 sheets but since I don’t need much for a card unless I do the whole front, the paper lasts me a good long while. Next is the Tonic Polished Gold Mirror Card. You get five sheets in a pack, just like the silver. The gold is much more impressive in person and in the Simon Says Stamp picture, I promise. Gold and silver are the ones I use the most, so I purchased three packs of each when I made my first order. The final specialty cardstock I love is once again by Tonic, it is their Holo Waves Mirror Card Gloss Cardstock. While I love silver and gold, this one is my favorite! As you can see in the picture, it gives a rainbow reflection. You get five sheets and it is slightly less expensive than the gold and silver. I love mirror cardstock, it’s great for dies, sentiments, I’ve even heat embossed on it without any problems.

There you have it! Another installment in my favorite craft goodies in the books! I love paper and trying to work with new paper or make new things with paper, you can do so much! I’m even learning to quill with strips of paper. What is the cornerstone for your creating? I would love to know. Leave a comment down below and let’s chat! Until next time, keep creating! XOXO

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