My Favorite Craft Goodies: Embellishments

Like most crafters and cardmakers, I love embellishments. Whether they are sequins or gems or brads, they are just to fun to go without. For today’s installment of ‘My Favorite Craft Goodies’ I wanted to share with you my current loves in the embellishment department as well as how I store them. I would love to know you’re favorites, be sure to mention them down below! I will try to link to each product or at least something similar. These are not affiliate links and I make nothing off of you using them, I add them for your convenience. Now, on with the show 😊

First I wanted to share with you how I actually store all of my gems, pearls, and sequins. I use this tool box that’s originally for screws, nails, and the like and put my gems, sequins, and pearls into it. I got mine from the Ace Hardware store. I believe it was around $15-$20. Each drawer you see is divided in two with a piece of plastic that you can keep where it is or take it out. I kept mine, it makes organizing a whole hell of a lot easier. I found something similar on Amazon for $14 and change. My aunt had given me something smaller in my stocking one year and I very quickly outgrew it. I’m so glad I found this, it sits perfectly on the side of my desk, and is very handy!

Now for the actual embellishments. I have two favorite brands: Lucy’s Cards and Studio Katia. All of the embellishments I’m about to show you are from them save one. I really love the Simon Says Stamp ‘Stay Gold’ sequins. There are no holes in these sequins so you can use them on a card or in a shaker type card. These come in three different sizes giving you choice when applying them. Next is the Little Things by Lucy’s Cards Soft Ivory Mix and the Clear Iridescent Mix. You can find the Soft Ivory here and you can find the Clear Iridescent Mix here. These gems and pearls come in three different sizes in each bag and adhere well to any card. They are both soft and gentle so they won’t take away from what you have as the focal point on your card. Next is Studio Katia, I love their Iridescent Clear Crystals and the Majestic Fusion (which is a clear sequin mix). I love these two things from Studio Katia because they come in four different sizes giving me even more options. I particularly like the sequins because there are the normal cupped ones but there are flat ones as well in the mix.
I like all of these embellishments because they are simple and gorgeous and won’t interfere with whatever you want the focus to be on your card. They all adhere beautifully, I’ve never had a problem. If you want to know what glue I use be sure to keep checking back because I do have an adhesive post planned.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post even though it’s a little late in the day for it to be going up. Hey, you gotta go with the flow! Do you have any favorite embellishments? I would love to know so be sure to share them down below! Who knows, maybe I’ll find a new favorite! Until next time, keep creating! XO

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