My Favorite Craft Goodies: Coloring Mediums

Hello my crafty friends and welcome back! Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be sharing my favorite crafting goodies from this year. For today’s post I want to share my favorite coloring mediums and coloring products. If you are interested I will be linking to each product where you can purchase it. I provide this to make things easy for you, they are not affiliate links and I make nothing from you using them. Enough with the disclaimer, let’s get started!

Let’s start with my oldest coloring medium, my Prismacolor Premier colored pencils. I have the 150 set and I’m so glad I spent the money to get all of the pencils. I got mine from Amazon for around $80, so here’s the link if you’re interest click here. These are so soft and so buttery, it’s easy to get a seamless blend and the color pay off is amazing. Yes, they can be more prone to breakage but I guess I’ve been lucky because I haven’t had to worry to much about that. Out of all of the higher end colored pencils these are the most reasonably priced. They work well on all types of paper but I really love how they look on Bristol paper. Another good thing is that you can get opens stock. That way if you run out of one color you don’t have to buy the whole set again, you can just purchase the one. This coloring medium is my default because I’ve been using them the longest.

Last Christmas I received the 48 count set of the Arteza Real Brush Pens and I fell in love. When I saw that they had brought out a 96 set, I jumped all over it! I got mine from Amazon for again around $80 and you can check them out here. I completely believe that these are worth every penny. I have never tried the ZIG ones so I can’t compare them but I’ve heard they are very similar. I believe you can now purchase individual colors from the Arteza site that way you can replace the one you run out of without having to buy a whole new set. These blend out beautifully when activated with a water brush. You can blend it out using one color or you can blend colors together which makes them very versatile. They are vibrant with a great color pay off. If you’re looking to try a watercolor brush pen, I would recommend these without hesitation.

Now we’ve come to the pan watercolors. This set is the Zig Kuretake Gansi Tambi 36 pan watercolors. I got mine from Simon Says Stamp for $60 which you can find here. These paints are of good quality and are very creamy. It is very easy to mix colors together to create a color you want or need. The color does dull a tiny bit when it dries back but the colors are still beautiful. This was my first ‘real’ watercolor set, something that is artist quality and not student quality. You really have to wet them to really activate them but they look great when laid down on paper.

Personally I think I’ve saved the best for last. I purchased the Mijello Mission Gold 36 color palette after a show as a ‘you did it!’ gift for making it through the show. You can get the palette you see here and the 36 colors for $66 on Amazon which you can find here. These colors come in tubes so you can’t use them straight away but they are totally worth the wait! The colors are very vibrant and they stay vibrant when they dry down. I recommend these first when anyone asks for a recommendation about watercolor palettes. The hot pink, the first color in the set, is absolutely stunning. I love using this palette for washes or to add accents to an image.

That’s it for the first installment in ‘My Favorite Craft Goodies’. I hope you enjoyed it and were inspired to go and use some products you had that haven’t been loved in awhile or were steered in the right direction to some new goodies! I love coloring so starting with this category just felt right. What are your favorite coloring mediums? I’m always on the hunt for some other goods. Have a great rest of your Thursday and I’ll see you on Saturday! XOXO

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