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Hello there, my crafty friends! I’m so glad to be back! Thank you to those of you who stuck with me during my hiatus and to those of you who are just reading for the first time. Since it’s my first post in a while I figured I would do a ‘meet the author’ type of post and give you all the ‘411’ as to what’s going to be going on with this blog. For those who don’t know, my name is Emma and I make and sell original handmade greeting cards (and a few other things 😄). I started making cards about four years ago when I really didn’t know where life was heading and I was in and out of doctor’s offices, casts, and hospitals like I was in one of those revolving door things. Finding the cardmaking community helped to make me happy again and helped me to take my mind off of the not so nice things that were happening. That still holds true to this day but my skills and styles keep evolving as I learn and try new things on my cards and other paper products. I have also fallen in love with adult coloring, I have collected quite a few books now. I love images like flowers, butterflies, people… real and tangible sorts of things but I’m not a fan of things like mandalas (or things of the like). Here are two of my more recent coloring’s:

The image on the left is the title page to Johanna Basford’s “Ivy and the Inky Butterfly” and the image on the right is from the Creative Haven Steampunk styles book. I mainly use pencils and watercolor but I’ve started using gel pens too and I love the look of that. I’m still trying to figure out markers and paint that isn’t watercolor. I do most of my coloring in bed when I’m trying to fall asleep because it helps my mind to unwind and relax. You will most likely be seeing adult coloring pages on this blog now, I hope you like that. Below are two of my most recent cardmaking/paper crafting endeavors:

On the left is a get well card I made for stock for two crafts fairs I did in the beginning of December and on the right are gift tags I made for the second fair. People at the first fair commented that Christmas tags are something they would like to see so in the short time between the shows I made about forty tags. These were my favorite, though. I just love Christmas lights more than any other decoration for the season. Okay, that and Christmas trees! My cards are usually very colorful and colored with either colored pencils (I use Prismacolor Premier) or watercolors of some sort. I’m hoping to get into Copics soon and if I do then you will get to follow my journey of learning. That should be pretty funny! I don’t have a favorite brand per say but I love to shop at Simon Says Stamp, they carry everything!

Now a little just about me. I have a dog named Henry who is a Cock-a-Poo that I adopted in 2014 right after college. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre with an emphasis in performance. I had the honor of directing again this fall to help out a friend who couldn’t direct the fall show at my Alma Mater due to illness. This wasn’t the first show I had ever directed and I’m hoping it will not be my last. I’m a massive Doctor Who and Harry Potter fan, I’m on my sixth re-read of the Harry Potter series right now. I’m a natural blonde but have been dying my hair various shades of red since college and I’m currently wearing my favorite which is an orange/copper red. Not to long ago I cut my hair super short and now have a pixie hair cut that I love to spike up. I’m am also a makeup artist, prop mistress, and sound designer. I do a lot of things, it keeps me entertained.
What about you? I would love to know my audience so tell me something about yourselves, anything! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Blog posts for this blog will happen on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Unlike before there will not be designated ‘theme’ days, I’m just going to write whatever hits me- enjoy!

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