Ken Oliver Colorburst Powders

Hello my crafty friends, today I bring you one of my favorite cardmaking techniques. I’m going to show you two different ways to use the Ken Oliver Colorburst Powders. I have random ones I bought at a store as close to a rainbow as possible but I just got some from Blick Art Supplies so I’m excited to play with them. The Ken Oliver Colorburst are unique because they are a water reactive powder, unlike his metal collection which is liquid. I have the colors: Marigold (orange), Lemon Yellow (yellow), Peony (pink), Cadmium Scarlet (red), Sap Green (green), and Cerulean Blue (blue). The only color I am truly missing is purple but that will soon be rectified. Let’s get on with it!

First, you are most definitely going to want some sort of splat box- I use an old Amazon shipping box. As the water hits the powder (in one technique) the color goes everywhere. For both of these techniques you will want to use watercolor paper because this does take a lot of water.

For the first way of doing this, you are going to take a sprayer (I love my Distress Sprayer) and soak the paper before you add the powders.

When you’re done wetting the paper, take your powders and tap (DO NOT SQUEEZE, you will regret it) the powders onto your paper. This gives a more spotted look to the paper because a lot of the pigment will stay where the powder landed. Below is what the final product of this way looks like:

Now for the other way, that I know at least, of how to do this.

First you are going to take your powders and you are going to sprinkle them liberally around your piece of paper. Remember that the colors will spread so don’t do too much.

Then you spray the paper liberally, activating the powders and making them move. Instead of being spotty like the one above, you will see that the colors move more, blend more, and have a smoother look. Below is the final product:

There you have it! Of course I made cards with each of these:

As you can see, each way gives a different look and feeling from what you make and how you make it. And that’s that, really. I find this technique to be easy and fun (and messy) to do. Have you tried powders that act like this? I’d love to know what brands you like to use. Down below are my social media links if you want to check them out. XO❤


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