Technique: Texture Paste

Hello my crafty friends! For today’s technique, I decided to pull out my texture paste which I used on Tuesday for my Step by Step which you can read here. I don’t use my pastes as much as I would like but I’m trying to use them more. I actually do need to repurchase my favorite paste, my Tonic NUVO Moonstone glitter paste. It’s clear and chock full of glitter, definitely up my alley. For this example, though, I used one of my Bo Bunny glitter pastes, in the rose gold color. Let’s get to it!

First, pick out the stencil you would like to use. For this example I chose the Simon Says Stamp ‘Marilyn’ stencil which is a 6″x6″ but has curved edges so it does not line up flush to the edge. I decided I only wanted part of the stencil to be used so I laid it over my card base and once I had it in the place I wanted it, I took blue painters tape and taped the card to the stencil. I find blue painters tape to work better because, like washi tape, it has a low tack but holds strong enough that your paper and stencil did not slide around.

Next, I pulled out my palette knives to decide which one I wanted to use. You want one that will be able to easily fit into your jar of paste and then easily spread the paste on your card. I like one that has a little give, like the one you see in the top of the ‘X’ in the photo. This allowed me to manipulate the paste in whichever way I choose. It also makes it easier to scrape up any extra paste laying over the stencil and then deposit it back into the jar.

Always remember, when it comes to any sort of paste, you want to work in small batches instead of plopping one giant dollop down. It allows you to use as little as you need so none of your paste will go to waste. I find it easiest to work in sections instead of trying to cover the stencil in paste in all one move.

I always keep a baby wipe right next to me. That way, as soon as I’m done I can wipe off my palette knives. Next, I immediately, and carefully, pull up my stencil and rush to the bathroom to wash it off with warm soapy water. I do the same to the palette knives I just wiped off, too. You want to clean your stencils and utensils quickly because if allowed to dry, you won’t be able to get it off- it becomes like cement. Then you will have a ruined stencil which is never a happy moment. I learned that lesson the hard way when I started out with pastes, I ruined two stencils that way.

Here is the final product of our mock up. When you’re doing a half page like this, it can look a little rough (or artistic depending on your mind set). The edges aren’t clean but I really liked it not being super clean and sharp, it can give a card character. Do you use texture/glitter paste? I’d love to hear what you have to say, be sure to leave a comment below!

That’s it for today, ladies and gents! I hope you enjoyed today’s technique. Do you have any techniques you would like to see me do in the coming weeks? Please let me know! To stay up to date with what’s going on, be sure to check out my social media links down below and give them a follow. XO❤


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