Foiling Techniques

Hello my crafty friends!! For this week’s technique, I looked into various ways that I’ve been able to foil a part or whole parts of a card. Foiling can really amp up a card. It really gives a look of elegance to any card. I will be showing you three different techniques for foiling, I hope you find them helpful.

Technique 1: Deco Foil Transfer Gel

First, pick out a stencil you absolutely love and tape a piece of whatever paper you’re wanting to foil to the back of the stencil to hold it steady. Don’t use spray adhesive, it will leave residue and you will get foil where you don’t want it. Then plug in your laminating machine and set it to heat up the 5mil setting (if you have one). You can use the lighter version without any problems, I believe, but I find the heavier one works better. Next take your palette knife and spread the Therm O Web’s Deco Foil Transfer Gel, which you can purchase from Simon Says Stamp for $8.99, all over the paper exposed underneath the stencil. Once you’re finished applying as even of a coating as possible, carefully peel off the stencil and immediately wash it, and your palette knife, off. Stencils can be damaged when trying to remove dried on ‘goop’. Next, as carefully as possible, peel off the tape from the back of your paper that was holding it on. After letting that sit for at least and hour, the gel has to be completely clear before you try to foil. Once clear and ready, take the foil of your choice (I went with a white marbled one) and lay it on top and then put your pieces into a folded piece of parchment paper, be sure to put your foil pretty side up. You will do this with any foil piece you do, the pretty side ALWAYS goes pretty side up. Then, put your piece of parchment paper, foil, and paper into your laminating machine with it going in wide ways, not tall ways, it gives more even pressure. Once it’s come out give it a second to cool and then peel back the foil to reveal your beautiful image. My finished product is in the lower right corner.

Technique 2: Double-Sided Tape

This next technique is really quick and fairly simple. I put down some double sided tape, I prefer Scor Tape, and I put down two stripes. I then took red Gina K foil and laid it over the tape. At first I started to press down on the foil using my fingers, rubbing up and down with a lot of pressure. Then to make sure I had used enough pressure, I took my folding knife and rubbed it against the foil as well making sure to cover every bit of area that the tape was beneath. When pulled back, you can see it’s not as smooth as the Deco Foil one but that’s okay! I like to use this technique for borders, especially when I want a bit of subtle texture.

Technique 3: Toner print outs

This may be the easiest way to foil. If you have a printer with toner, then you’re set. If you’re like me and you don’t, then Gina K has you covered! She makes sets of these toner sheets with patterns on them. All you have to do, either way you get a toner pattern, is put foil over your toner area, again pretty side up, putting it in the parchment paper, and then putting it through your laminator just as you have done before. This is probably the best way to foil, it’s almost impossible (in my attempts anyway) to scratch any bit of foil off.

There you go, three very different techniques! Do you like to use foil or have you never given it a go? I’d love to hear what you think! Be sure to comment down below. XO❤


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