Rosette Paper Folding Technique

For inspiration for today’s technique, I looked through an older cardmaking technique book and found an article about Rosette Folding. I’ve never done artistic folding on my cards so this piqued my interest. So today I’m sharing a technique with you that I am actually learning with you. I hope you enjoy!

First, if your paper has a design on one side have it facing up for this part. You will start with a square of paper of your size choosing, I went with 6×6. You’re going to start folding it in half one way, creasing it with the bone folder, then unfolding it and then doing that same thing to the other side. For this part the design part of the paper needs to be facing up.

Next you’re going to fold it twice corner to corner. This time, however, you want the pattern to be on the inside. Make those folds and set them down with a bone folder. By the time you’re done with your folding, your paper should look like the paper on the right.

Next you’re going to fold it at one of the scor lines in half so it’s a rectangle. Then pince the corner on each side and gently push inwards. This show make the folds you did triangularly will fold in leaving you with a square shape. You will make a total of eight of these squares.

Next, you’re going to make sure the closed tip of the square is facing in. Then pull the flap to the right up and put glue on the lower half of both sides. Then you take another square and, making sure the closed point is facing inward, you line it up with where the glue is. You keep doing this with the last six going in a circle pattern.

Here is how mine turned out. I think because I used larger squares, I didn’t need all eight. I’m also sure I messed up somewhere. I found it a lot easier using three different cards because it made it easier to separate them out when laying them down. Although, looking at this, I could have just used two colors. Either way, I hope you had fun with today’s technique! Have you tried fun folds? I would really love to hear about them so be sure to leave your comments down below. ❤ XO

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