Technique Thursday: Working with Gamsol

Hello my crafty friends! I’m sorry for this going up late but it’s been a bit of a weird day. Today, I wanted to talk to you about using Gamsol. I’ve been using Gamsol to blend my colored pencil colorings for close to four years now and, trust me when I say, it does get easier as you go. One of my closest friends is getting married so for his and his to be wife’s wedding gift I am making them a set of cards. For this card, I colored the images with my Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils and used Gamsol from Michaels (in a bottle from Spectrum). Let’s jump in!

First off, you will need paper blending stumps. These are pretty much rolled paper that you dip into the gamsol. They come to a point so you can target the areas you want to blend. I’ve purchased mine from Amazon.

Next thing you’re really going to need is a sanding strip. This is how you are going to get the color you were just blending off of the stump. You have to remember to sand it at an angle that way you keep the point. If that point disappears it’s difficult to get it back. Like always, I purchased a pack of these from Amazon.

Now for the Gamsol, you can purchase it on Amazon or I got mine in a larger bottle from Michaels and I transferred it into this smaller bottle. Some bottle come with a little sponge thing in the top to help control the amount of product that you get. This bottle doesn’t have yet but I keep it full enough so I don’t really have to tip the bottle to get the product. I find it really easy when using this to go in circular motions when blending the colors. I find doing that gives me a smoother blend. Also be sure to wipe off your blending stump after tipping it in the Gamsol or else you may possibly ruin your picture. Another tip is to not press super hard. Let the Gamsol and the blending stump do the work, you just guide it. This has worked with both wax and oil based colored pencils so you are safe there. I also find that using Bristol paper, I like Strathmore, gives you the smoothest and easiest blend with the least resistance. You can use it on regular paper no problem I just have found that using Bristol is the best way to use it.

And that’s it, ladies and gents! I know it’s not super in depth but I hope you can get some tips or ideas from this post. If you have any tips or tricks that I don’t have mentioned here please leave them down below! Shared knowledge is just fab! XO💖

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