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Hello my crafty friends! Instead of a step by step today, I decided to do a ‘Meet the Blogger’ post. I love learning about the person (or persons) behind all of the blog posts so I figured I would introduce myself to you.

Hi, my name is Emma! I graduated from Stephens College in May 2014 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre. It was a four year program put into three years of intense study. I learned a lot from that program and I attribute my work with sets and props as my entrance into the world of crafting. Not too long after I graduated from college, I broke my right leg and then had surgeries and fractures ad nauseum with my latest surgery being the Monday after last Thanksgiving. Why so many fractures and surgeries? I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta, known as the brittle bone disease. I’ve had 60 fractures (that I know of) and close to 30 surgeries. Because of this, I couldn’t go and do what I loved or work so I started making cards. I now cringe at the cards I made when I started out yet at the same time I love seeing how far I’ve come from where I started.

Left is a picture of myself in one of my most favorite rolls, the quadriplegic amnesiac in Causa Mortis or The Medical Student at the Warehouse Theater at Stephens College. Center is the very first cast I had had in close to ten years. Right is a prop I’m very proud of, the egg that Horton sat on in Seussical. I had so much fun making that piece, and painting it, because it was a prop I got to create from scratch. The only thing was that it had to be an egg-ish shape and I could do whatever I wanted with it after that. So I produced a purple and aqua sparkly egg.

Above are some of the first cards I made. The card with the guitar was my first shaker card made using a fuse tool (which I still own). The Halloween card is the first card I made after getting my Big Kick die cutting machine and the final card was colored with watercolors when I was just learning. Everyone starts somewhere, and this is where I started. When I started, I used pre-made card bases from Michaels. I now make my own card bases in the A2 size. The pre-made card bases were just under 5″ x 7″, so they were a good deal larger than what I use now and I’m so glad that I made the switch. It’s amazing to see what I started making cards with and how, compared to where I am now. I’m always learning and trying new things and that is something I love about cardmaking. Everything is constantly changing and evolving so you never get to stop learning.

Here are some of my more recent cards.

I love seeing how far I’ve come. Do you like to see how far you’ve come in your art? Are you like me and do you cringe when you see how you started? I would love to know! Be sure to comment down below ❤ XO

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m very sorry about your health problems. Crafting is a good way to help get your mind off of it I hope. As for me, I took up Card and jewelry making but the problem for me is staying MOTIVATED. 🙁 I have stuff to start, but I need to ‘start’. I wish you the best. Stay at it 🙂

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