Technique Thursday: Ink Smooshing

Hi there my crafty friends! I hope you all are having a fantastic week. I decided to pick a technique that I haven’t used in an age- ink smooshing! This is a fun, slightly messy, technique that can give you tons of card fronts in under an hour. For this technique you can use any water based ink as well as Distress Oxides. I’ve found that Distress Inks are some of the best inks to use with this technique. Play around and see what you like best, everyone is different.

I use watercolor paper with this technique because you do wind up using a fair amount of water and I want the card to warp as little as possible when I dry it. I used Strathmore Watercolor paper (cold press) I cut a few sheets into A2 size but you can cut it to whatever size you see fit, it’s your card and what you like 😊

Next you’ll need some sort of water sprayer. I use two: a mini sprayer that came with my makeup kit (I have a lot of these so I could spare it) and then the Distress Sprayer. I just put water into the larger Distress Sprayer but in the smaller one I put 4/5 water and 1/5 Perfect Pearls in the tube then I shake it like no tomorrow. You are also going to want some tape to help to hold down your non-porous surface. I use one of those pie sheets that help you make a pie crust. I don’t actually know what it’s called. You need a surface that you can smoosh ink onto and douse with water and NOT have it absorbed by whatever you’ve put it on. I would imagine that acetate would also work really well.

Next you’re going to want to smoosh your ink pad onto your sheet. With the minis I do three, sometimes four squishes of ink onto the sheet but with the average size pads I only smoosh them onto the paper twice. Then you take your sprayer, shimmer or non it all works, and spray it on the ink. Use your best judgment based on how saturated you want the colors to be. The more water you add, the lighter the color will be. Then you take your piece of watercolor paper and you pounce it up and down which lets you pick up color as you go. It’s a bit random as to where to color will go. You can sort of direct it but in the end it’s at the mercy of the water.

You can do just one color or you can use two. I’ve never tried three but I bet it would look really nice. For this piece I used Distress inks in Cracked Pistachio and Picked Raspberry. I usually start with the lightest color unless I’m using grey, then I reverse it. Next you’ll want a hard board like a wooden clipboard or a wooden cooking paddle because as soon as you’re please with the first color you are going to want to heat it with your heat gun. You want to do this between the layers, even if it’s the same color. The hardboard allows you to move the piece around without burning yourself or melting your work surface. Here’s some of the ones I created the other night:

You will make some duds, that red and brown one in the top right wasn’t my best color choices. You will constantly learn what works with what and what products and colors you like to use. I really hope you liked today’s post, I had so much fun preparing for it. Do you have any techniques you really love? I’d love to know! I’ll be seeing you on Sunday! XO❤

“To be an artist is to believe in life.”
-Henry Moore-

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