Step by Step Tuesday: Nail Polish Shape Card

For today’s step by step, I am sharing how I quickly created six nail polish bottle cards in only a few hours. This is probably the most pieces I’ve ever had to die cut for a card (including the cardbase) but it was relatively simple and pain free. Now, to see all of the pieces I cut and how I put them together, keep reading!


First I die cut the base pieces for our nail polish bottle card. Oh, I should mention that these dies are from Honey Bee and are the Nail Polish Bottle dies. The die set costs $28.99 which for the size and amount you get is a fantastic deal! On the left is the die that will cut the card base. I started by cutting down three 8.5″x11″ to make six card bases. I then laid the bottle die on each piece of paper with it laying horizontally. I taped it down and then ran it through my Big Kick. The center image (step 2) is a picture of when I took the die that is the bottle top out of some black cardstock that I had. The third step has a piece that looks a little funny and it took me a while to figure out what it was for. It’s the bottom of the bottle! (Facepalm) I always tape my die cuts down so that they won’t move when I run them through my machine. I should mention here that I cut six of EVERYTHING so it took me some time but was also really rewarding.

I then took glitter paper from a small DCWV glitter paper pack and cut the bottle centers. I did two orange, two blue, and two pink. Step 5 is where I cut all of the pieces to make the bow that goes on the bottle. There’s the loopy part, the tails, and the center wrap. The paper I used for that is from a Michaels Hot Buy pack of fancy white and champagne paper. Now we get to put it all together!

Here is a quick look of all of our pieces laid out before I folded the polish bottles. I find it easiest to group all of the same pieces together and give them their own area. I also put the tiny pieces from the bow and the bottom of the bottle into a small little tub. It definitely helped me be sure I would have all of the pieces and that none had walked away.


Step 1: I then took my scoring knife and folded all of the nail polish blanks so that I wouldn’t have to do that later.

Step 2: I then assembled my bows. I figured out that if I take my scoring knife and run it along both of the loopy parts as if I were curling ribbon, it makes it easier to work with and bend. To hold all of the pieces together I used my Ranger Multi Medium Matte which is hands down my favorite liquid glue. It has really strong hold and it dries a little faster than other liquid glues I use. At least that’s what I think.

Step 3: I took one of the tops and glued it to the space for the cap using the Tonic Craft Tacky Glue. I wanted to give a lot of my liquid glues a chance to shine and I was reminded as to why I bought this. It’s a thick glue but has a very strong hold once it’s completely dry.
Step 4: Using the same glue, I lined up the center portion (the bottle part) to the card base. These pieces are really easy to line up because they are on the larger side.
Step 5: To attach the bottom portion of the bottle, the thing I didn’t know what it was, I used a different glue. It was a thin piece so I need a thinner and lighter glue. For this, I used a sort of glue pen from Hero Arts that I got in a Monthly Hero kit.

Step 6: I took my Spectrum Noir Sparkler Pen in ‘Crystal Clear’ over the lid and on the little bottom black part on the bottom. I did two coats because I love me some shimmer 😉
Step 7: I initially decided to attach the bow to the bottle with the Craft Tacky Glue but I quickly switched to my Multi Medium Matte. The hold is a bit stronger and it is in a needle nose bottle. That makes it easier to apply to smaller areas.

For the inside of the card, I used the Honey Bee Shine On clear stamp set that was released at the same time as the dies set. I used my Versa Fine Onyx Black ink to stamp the sentiment because it’s really dark and crisp and also dries quickly.

Here are three of the finished projects. I really enjoyed making these and if you’ve made something you’re really proud of, be sure to share it! All of the die cutting took me out of my comfort zone which is great. I do have to say, I am pretty impressed with myself that I made six whole cards in only a few hours. I will be seeing you on Thursday, have a great day! XO

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