Card Spotlight Sunday: Game Controller Card

For today’s card spotlight, I am going to share a card with you that I made for my ‘brother’ (for lack of a better term) for his birthday last year. He loves video games and is pretty good at them too.
To get the shape of the card, I searched game controllers on Google that I could use as a template. Once I found one, I printed it out and held it to my cardstock and cut the shape out of the first piece of cardstock and then I cut a second one to make the back. The front is your generic black cardstock and the backing paper is white. For the motion controllers, the silver disks, I didn’t have any silver miri card so I took a metallic silver pencil and colored it. I then cut it out with my circle die cuts. I then took action wobblers and attached them to the controllers. I did have to cut them down a lot because I didn’t have any minis. The cross controller is made with miri card, the last little scrap that I had left. I cut two strips and crossed them and glued them down. For the buttons, I used the smallest circle dies, looked up what letters and colors they were supposed to be. Once cut I colored them with colored pencils and wrote the letters on them. To give them that domed glossy look, I used the trusty Glossy Accents. I then folded the top most parts down a little bit and then attached that to be the back of the card.

And that’s the finished product! This was the first, non-standard, shaped card I’ve ever made. It took awhile to make but was totally worth it in the end. Have you made any shaped cards? Which are your favorite to do? I will see you on Tuesday, have a fabulous start to the week! XO

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun. – Mary Lou Cook 

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