Technique Thursday: Alcohol Ink Art in a Heart

Hello there my crafty friends! I hope everyone is having a nice Valentine’s day, celebrating however YOU want to celebrate. Personally, my valentine is my dog- Henry. Here’s a picture, since I brag about him so much anyway…

He’s adopted and doesn’t play with or really like dog toys. But I won this lion at the LA County Fair. Now it HAS to be on the couch or he’ll fidget trying to find a place for his head.

Anyway, enough about my ‘Dog/ Son’, I’m here to talk to you about one of my most favorite techniques in papercrafting and cardmaking- Alcohol Ink Art! It is pretty simple once you have all of the right supplies and are comfortable with being a little messy. Is this a ‘Technique Thursday’ or a ‘Talkative Thursday’? Let’s get started!

For alcohol ink art, you need a paper made by Ranger called Yupo Paper. It’s basically plastic, non-porous, or if you’re in a real pinch you can use glossy photo paper. I did that a few times and while the results were pretty good, I do prefer the Yopo paper. I own two sizes A2 (4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″) and 5″x7″ paper. You can also use die cuts on this paper, and you won’t need a shim either. If you want to see one of the way’s I used the heart cut Yupo paper in my last blog post. Next is the stressful, okay I find it stressful, task of picking the colors to choose. Since the colors do run together, you want to make sure you don’t use colors that will turn brown when the blend. I usually like to stick to the same color family to avoid the problem all together.

I find it easiest to put some of the blending solution onto the Yupo paper, to make it blend pretty seamlessly, in my opinion. I then took to adding my colors. The ink colors I chose were Watermelon (Bright Red), Wild Plum (Purple Pink), and Shell Pink (light pink). I also pulled out my Gold Mixative, which will be the next step. I pulled out my straw as well. This made it really easy to move the colors by blowing through a straw, it gives a more focused jet of air. This is completely optional of course, you can let them move around completely natural and it will still turn out beautiful. I should have mentioned this earlier but you have to work on a non porous surface. I use a really sturdy old cutting board, while not totally porous, it works just fine. Glass is a good thing to work on because you can wipe it off no problem. A lot of people are suggesting the Tim Holtz glass craft mat. As well, you really need to have a window open and probably your office/craft room/work area door, too. These can really have some strong fumes and you will be grateful for the cross breeze.

Next, I set up an area where all of my other projects and supplies were covered and/ or away from the area where I am working and I also put on eye protection (I use cheap sunglasses). After all of the alcohol ink splatter has dried, I shook my gold mixative reeeealllly well. It’s very thick so I usually wind up shaking it for at least thirty seconds, until I hear the shaker ball rattling around freely. I did not drop it onto the card however. I put a few drops onto my cutting board and took a super cheap paint brush and dipped the bristles into the gold mixative. I then start to splatter the mixative all over the heart. I do this by holding the brush straight and flat with one hand and tapping on the top of it with my other hand. You can do splatter in just one place or you can move your hand while tapping to scatter the splatter. Here is what the final product looked like:

As you can see, the splatter tends to go everywhere. You can also always drop the mixative onto your project while it’s still wet and then swire it around with a thin cheap paint brush. The Mixative is different from the ink in the way that it doesn’t spread out or move around like the ink does when dropped onto the Yupo surface. That’s it for the technique, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions be sure to pop them below. Here is what the finished card looked like:

As I said, I hope you enjoyed this post and were able to learn something new 😊 As I said, if you have any questions or comments, don’t be shy and pop it down below in the comments! Thank you for stopping by, and I’ll see you on Sunday. XO

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