Step by Step Tuesday: Will you be my Valentine?

And we’re back with another Step by Step Tuesday but first I have a question for you, will you be my valentine? 💕 Today’s card is the card I made last night to give my mom with her gift on Thursday for Valentine’s Day. I had been totally lost on what to do until I was watching one of Amy R’s- Prairie Paper and Ink-newer videos on YouTube and she was making an alcohol ink heart. So I made my own alcohol ink heart and, once I was off and running, I created this card pretty quickly. Below are the steps I took to make this card, I hope you enjoy.

The die I used to cut the heart out of Ranger Yupo Paper are from Amazon from a brand called Ecstasy Crafts and they are Nellie’s Choice Multi Frame Hearts. Usually Infinity dies or even dies in that stacked style are really expensive, but these are under $20 for 10 different sizes. I used the largest size die in the set because it fit in an A2 sized card without going off the edges when the card is side folded. I then got out my Ranger Alcohol Inks which I store most of them in a nail polish rack so they’re not rolling around in the white basket. I pulled the Blending Solution, Gold Mixative, Shell Pink, Pink Sherbert, Watermelon (I wound up not using this), and Wild Plum.

I also got out two cheap paint brushes that I use specifically with alcohol inks, some Alcohol pads to clean up any mess, and a fan to help move the ink around and to dry it as well. Before proceeding, I need to warn you that you need to work on a non porous surface (I use an old cutting board and this is it’s only use) and where you’re working needs to be well ventilated. They have strong fumes and you really want fresh air wafting around when you’re doing this.
Step 1: Take your die cut heart and put it onto your surface. Then take your Alcohol blending solution and pour it in a zig zag on the heart. You don’t have to cover every square inch, this will just make it easier for things to move around and blend.

Step 2: Take your first alcohol ink (I chose Wild Plum) and put a few drops around the heart. You can help it spread by gently blowing on it with or without a straw. Using a straw is good if you want a concentrated blow of air. Next, strategically drop Shell Pink and Pink Sherbert (or whatever colors you like) around the heart one at a time, blowing as you go. Be sure to take a step back every once in a while to make sure you’re not overdoing it or getting a muddy mess. Your final product could look like this.

Step 3: BEFORE YOU DO THIS NEXT PART, YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO PROTECT YOUR EYES (I use old sunglasses) AND YOU’LL WANT AN APRON TO PROTECT YOUR CLOTHES. It may also be a good idea to protect your work surface surrounding you. Splatter can go any way it wants. I then took my gold mixative, shook it insanely well, and then squirted about a quarter size dollop onto my surface, NOT on the heart. I then used my brush that is slightly larger. I dipped it into the mixative and then held it over the heart and started tapping the brush with my other hand to give a splatter effect.

Step 4: Now we move on to the physical card. You can use any paper you fancy for this, but I prefer Bristol for what I am going to do after the die cutting. I used the Simon Says Stamp On Edge ‘Love You’ wafer die just above the halfway point. This cuts the words out but leaves them grounded and attached. I then took my craft knife and cut a line a centimeter or two below where the letters end that started below where they began and ended where the sentiment ended. I was flying by the seat of my pants to be honest, I had no clue what I was doing. I was following a picture I had in my head of what I wanted it to look like. You’ll see below if it actually worked and why I cut it.

Step 5: I then took the three lightest pinks in the Distress Oxide set, Tattered Rose, Spun Sugar, and Worn Lipstick. I started at the bottom and started to blend Worn Lipstick onto the lower part of the bristol. I use bristol because it’s so smooth, you don’t get a lot of resistance when trying to blend. When I was a third of the way up I switched to the Spun Sugar color and blended that into the Worn Lipstick and then went up another third, making sure to get the words covered in ink too. Just be careful. Once I was down to my last third of the paper, I used Tattered Rose to finish off the card front. I then slipped the heart into it’s little slot, flipped the card front over and taped it in using plain old scotch tape.

Step 6: I then set that piece aside so I could work on the inside of the card. I love doing little special on the inside. Here, I used the ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ sentiment and heart cluster from the Hero Arts “Love Birds” stamp and die set. It’s the only ‘Happy Valentine’s’ sentiment I own actually. For the sentiment I used Versafine in Onyx Black and the hearts are in a red Hero Arts ink I call ‘Cherries’ since I can’t find their real name.

Step 7: Now comes one of my most favorite things to do to a card- EMBELLISH THE FRONT! The heart gems on either side of the sentiment are the Studio Katia Red Heart Crystals. Then the rest of the gems used on the front are Little Things from Lucy’s Cards and I used jewels in the Raspberry Mix and the Grape Mix. The Little Things from Lucy’s Cards are my favorite gems, half pearls, sequins, etc. It’s a one stop shop and even if you order from her shop direct, the international shipping isn’t too terrible. I wound up using 4 ‘Strawberry’ gems and 2 ‘Grape’ gems on the card. I attached them using my Ranger Multi Medium Matte. It’s strong and dries clear and matte so if some does come out the sides, once it’s dry you won’t be able to tell.

I paired it with a bright pink envelope to tie it all together. Here is the finished product:

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Step by Step and were able to follow along. Happy Valentines day (two day early) and I hope you feel inspired to go make a loved one or a friend a Valentine/Galentine. I’ll see you on Thursday. *None of these links are affiliate, they are provided for your convenience*

Creativity will set you free!

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