Card Spotlight #5: Gorjuss Little Things ‘Sweet Tea’

When I was trying to decide which card would get spotlighted this week, I stumbled upon this one which is from the early days in my cardmaking. I used watercolor markers without knowing what type of paper to use and using real brushes and not water brushes. Or when I popped it up, the foam tape just went around the perimeter meaning the center could get some holes or sunk it during shipping. Anyway, let’s take a look at this card that I used one of my favorite Gorjuss Girls large stamps.

On the left is the stamp in all of it’s packaged glory and on the right are the Santoro London Gorjuss Girl Watercolor Markers that my good friend Gloria gave me for my birthday that year. I ran into quite a few problems when trying to color in the image because I made the mistake of using actual watercolor paper and then I couldn’t figure out why the colors weren’t moving or blending. Now I know, Strathmore Bristol is my friend. But, you’ll see soon, I think it still turned out looking pretty nice. I am a biased opinion though, it is one of my first cards. I also used some gems that you can get in a sheet from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I hadn’t discovered Lucy’s Little Things from Little Things from Lucy’s Cards. My wallet wishes I had never discovered her but my crafting heart is happy so that’s what truly matters, right? And now, the card you’ve all been waiting for! Have you tried these markers or do you love the Gorjuss Girls line by Santoro London, which is your favorite?

So you can see I did get the colors to eventually move and now that I’m looking at it, it helped with the highlights and shadows. But I had to use so much water, the paper started to pill. I starting using Bristol paper not too long after this card was made. And now I know, cut a whole piece of foam from fun foam so the whole back of the image is protected in transit. Even though this was early on in my cardmaking journey, this is still one of my most favorite cards I’ve done. I hope you like it too ❤

Have you tried these markers or do you love the Gorjuss Girls line by Santoro London, which is your favorite? If you have the littles, do you keep the cards in the boxes or do you have a special place to keep them? I have a little binder I got off of the Santoro London site and I may have to get a new one soon. Remember, your creativity will set you free. Have a great start to your week, I’ll be seeing you on Tuesday.

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