Technique Thursday: Shadow Stamping

Or at least that’s what I call it. I learned from Jennifer McGuire‘s and Kristina Werner‘s videos on YouTube. I can’t remember if that’s what they called this technique or if it’s the name of something else, but I think “Shadow Stamping” perfectly describes what this looks like. And now that I’ve rambled on about the name of this technique, let’s take a look at shall we?

I picked three colors a’la the Butterfly Card on Step by Step Tuesday this week. I even used butterflies, one of them being the same on I used on that card too. I like using Distress Oxide or pigment inks for this technique. I’ve found that you can’t even get a nice second stamp with dye inks. So the colors I chose for this example is Wild Honey, Mowed Lawn, and Carved Pumpkin. I stamped them in threes, so as to not overwhelm the card… You’ll see that didn’t really work and why it’s not being turned into a card. I put the biggest butterfly with the green then went down the size scale with medium getting Wild Honey and the tiny one getting Carved Pumpkin. What you do is ink up your solid stamp with whatever Distress Oxide or pigment ink you want. Then you stamp it down once like normal but when you pick it back up DO NOT RE-INK IT. Stamp it down again and the image will be a deal lighter than the original and be a bit more see through, looking like a shadow. If you want, you can get a third stamp out of it without reinking. If you’re using really light colors, though, I would recommend only stamping twice before inking it up again.

As you can see in the secondary and tertiary stamps, they get lighter but some parts are darker. The explanation is really simple. Do you see how the stamps go off the page? I didn’t put a paper base behind it so the ink didn’t evenly come off, making it so that when I stamped it down for the second time, the area that was on the card for the first one is lightened but the parts that were off the card gave the full color of when we first inked it up. Here you can see what I mean by threes. I could have, and honestly should have, left it like this but I wanted to show you that you can overlap the levels of colors to create more dimension and a bit of fun. If you are going to do it like that, I highly suggest using colors that will layer nicely together and not turn brown. Unless you like brown, then you do you and enjoy your crafting experience. Here is the final product and, again, I really should have left it like the one above. Sometimes I go a little overboard. Craft and learn I guess.

That’s it for this week’s Technique Thursday. I really do hope you liked it. If there are techniques, or anything really, please let me know! I always want to write what you would like to see. Don’t forget: Creativity will set you free so try and have fun! Have a great rest of your week and I will see you on Sunday!

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