Technique Thursday: Making your own Background

Hello my crafty friends, a little late tonight, but we are here! How many of you have ever wanted to have a unique background, or even wanted to create your own a background that isn’t sky with clouds, but you didn’t know where to start? Well, I’m here to show you what I’ve done before to create my own unique background paper. Let’s get started.

First, some of the supplies for the outside of the card- An unnamed (as far as I know) butterfly stamp set from Michaels that I got in 2016 on a planner crawl, an My Favorite Things (MFT) Butterfly Layering stamp set called ‘Beautiful Butterflies’, and the sentiment set is the Simon Says Stamp ‘Birthday Messages’ stamp set. The card base is made out of Neenah 110 lb Solar Crest cardstock, the second layer is from the brand Authentique and it is a purple gingham pattern, and the final and top layer is smooth Bristol paper from Strathmore (swear by that brand) which is where we will be making our own background paper.
The first thing I did was pick one of the solid butterflies, the one above, and then I mounted it to an acrylic block I then picked a medium and small half butterflies to round the group out- they too went on acrylic blocks. I then used Distress Oxide Inks in the colors Shaded Lilac, Wilted Violet, and Seedless Preserves and started stamping away. I kept one color to each butterfly so it would be a little more cohesive. I would do three passes with each color, observing the rule of threes (even though, looking back on it, it really didn’t matter because you couldn’t tell). With this, don’t be neat, don’t try to stay inside the lines, or keep them all perfectly aligned. This is beauty from chaos. Try funny angles, turn the card around, overlap or go completely on top of other butterflies, go off the edges so only part of the butterfly is on the card. Let your creative self run free.

Here is what it looks like when you’re done stamping the butterflies. Everyone’s will look different and that’s the best part! It will be one hundred percent you. I tried to fill as much space as possible. You do want at least a little spaces where white will show through for this next step. Next you want to take a light ink, I used the Distress Oxide Ink in Antique Linen on a blending sponge and started going over the entire page lightly to warm it up and get rid of the white which in my opinion, felt a little stark and sterile amongst all that beautiful chaos.

Before you put on the last color, I would suggest hitting your butterfly sheet with a heat gun especially if you used Distress Oxide inks because they are part pigment ink. Once you’ve blended the color, you can set this piece aside and put the rest of your card together which I will be showing you how to do next Tuesday, January 29, for Step by Step Tuesday. Be sure to check back then to see how your self made paper makes your card extra special.

I hope everyone liked this weeks technique, it’s become one of my favorites. I figured it out because there was an article about a similar technique, if I’m remembering correctly, in one of my cardmaking magazines that I get from the UK. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed! I’ll definitely be seeing you on Tuesday for a step by step of this card but I’ll also see you on Sunday for this week’s card spotlight! Talk to you all then but for now, creativity will set you free!

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