Technique Thursday: Alcohol Inks

Hello my craft friends!  Today I’m actually going to be showing you two different techniques- a simple alcohol ink background and partial die cutting.  I learned how to use alcohol ink and do partial die cutting from the amazing  Jennifer McGuire.  Go check  out her YouTube videos, she is seriously amazing! Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Let’s start with partial die cutting, shall we? First I started by drawing a line across the card where the die will sit. I then lined the word ‘Birthday’ up with with the line in the same way it would be written- with the tails and lower parts of the word on and below the line. When you line it up on your die cutting machine, make sure that only the area that you want to cut out is between the two plates. Next, very carefully, crank it through your machine, stopping when you hit the line. Then take the top half that he been cut off, off. To do this, you will need a craft knife to cut any sections that are still attached to the top part that needs to come off. Wow. I really hope that made sense.

So, for this alcohol background I used the Ranger Ink colors Willow Meadow, and Limeade. I also used the blending solution. To do alcohol inking you need Yupo paper but I have also heard that glossy photo paper works. Firstly, you have got to do this in a well ventilated area. Open a window, the scents of these inks are very potent. It’s a pretty simple thing to do, just start dropping the inks onto the paper. I find it easiest to do one color at a time. Then if you want the inks to spread out a bit and be lighter in places, that when you take the blending solution. At least, that is how I use it. This stuff does dry fairly quickly, so that’s a big bonus- no need to have to let it set overnight. I then cut this straight across at 2.25″ for the final card:

Over the top of where the white card was cut with the word birthday, I covered it with gold cardstock so that the word could be seen and then I used the same cardstock for the word ‘wishes’. I used a June the Giraffe stamp from Technique Tuesday. I colored it with basic colors from Prismacolor and I added a few sequins, because, shiny. I wanted it to be really focussed on the partial die cutting and the alcohol ink, so I kept everything else really simple. I think that’s the best way to work with partial die cutting and/or alcohol inks- let those things take the spotlight.

Was this easy to follow? I would really love your feedback down in the comments below!! Creativity will set you free, remember that!

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