Hitting a Creative Wall

The one issue with living where I work and working where I live is that I am constantly doing something for my business.  Which, in my mind, all in all is not a bad thing but it can become bad when you don’t set boundaries and are working from whatever time you get up to whatever god awful time you go to bed.  I never thought it would happen, but it has, I’ve finally hit my first (of many I’m sure) creative wall.  By this I mean the typical sense of hitting a wall, where you’re just burned out in life, but this just includes creatively.  I’ve been working on orders non stop since the middle of August, and they aren’t slowing down- which I am eternally grateful for.  My problem is that I have trouble separating out time for work and time for play because creating is how I play.  Recently I’ve found myself becoming bored with whatever I’m creating, I finish it and I’m happy with it, but the process was less than lackluster.  Because of this, I find myself not being motivated until the deadline looms to finish an order.  Sure, I’ll stop it and start it a few times but that’s neither here nor there. I love what I do, and that will never change, but I need to find some boundaries and set some times where I just watch a movie or a TV show or go out with my boyfriend without thinking about my next creative move.  I just try to do too much, and that is both a flaw and an asset.  It just wipes me out sometimes and I have to do a major recharge, tonight I’ve hit that wall and need to do a major recharge.

Much Love,
Emma aka CardstockQueen

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